Posted by: Walt Curtis | June 30, 2011

Lively Days

June is a pretty lively month. There are the winding up days of school, a recognition of fathers in many parts of the world, graduation, weddings and solstice. On average (from a centuries point of view, at least), it is heating up in the north and cooling down in the south. We’re talking hemispheres and seasons, of course. And just around the corner is the United States celebration of independence.

Also in the U.S., New York state moved to sanction same-sex marriage, Minnesota is looking like it is ready to shut down over a budget crisis, the national debt ceiling conversation continues to grow, and Aol’s “You’ve Got” spots featured Joanne Rogers, wife of Mister Rogers.

Finally something of immediate interest for Anchored Living™. The national items are important within the focus of how law affects everyday living. The items in the first paragraph and the Mister Rogers spot are everyday living.

I guess the point I have is that everyday living seems to give us chances to act with light, goodwill, peace, forgiveness and love. So many newsy items seem to focus on the flip side of these anchor principles.

To quote an old cartoon character, So-Hi (please excuse the stereotypes), “Moral of story, honorable children friends?” … turn the news on its head, and you may have some pretty good stuff for making every day lively.


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