Posted by: Walt Curtis | May 31, 2011

Sharing and Building Goodwill: Ashton Kutcher

Sometimes people might sound like they have almost lost hope that there is any goodwill left in the business world. But it is always there. You just have to look, read, and think about it.

For instance, I was browsing through AOL and came across an interview with Ashton Kutcher about his business investments. He talked about one company, Airbnb, that is taking social trust and manifesting that into commerce.

There is pervasive distrust of assertions made in commercials and advertisements of various kinds (and often rightly, I’d say). But when we are looking for a product or service, many of us look for a something we can trust, or at least rely on as fairly reputable.

The example here may just be for bed & breakfast referrals, but it illustrates the concept, … and the Anchored Living™  principle of goodwill.

So, keep your eyes open and be aware. Anything that allows us to expand trust in the world increases the goodwill in the world.


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