Posted by: Walt Curtis | May 7, 2011

Caught Up With Osama

Anchored Living™ principles encourage us to practice forgiveness and resist vengeance. So, we’re not talking about being caught up with Jesus. We’re talking about being caught up in revenge.

In news and commentaries you can read, hear and see that some people are wondering about celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death. I think this is healthy reflection because it points out some differences between how individuals and groups of people (from families and teams to nations and humanity) more appropriately deal with situations that seem to call for vengeance.

The primary focus of anchor principles is to help individuals live with LiGoPeFoLo. The principles are the same for groups of people, but the dynamics (actual actions) are different. Individuals persist in practicing forgiveness. Groups of people consider whether the things that must be forgiven were done on purpose.

If an individual or group of people acts purposely to harm any group of people in any way, they act in darkness. A difficulty arises because we cannot directly observe purpose, or intent of the heart. But when we confront people and groups of people with evidence of the negative results of their actions and words, they will change them if they seek light in life.

If the same individuals or groups of people refuse to stop harming, then other groups of people (government, religions, associations, etc.) are obligated to take note of this refusal. Consistent refusals are evidence that an individual or group of people will continue to do harm and appropriate action must be taken to put a stop to actions and words that continue to do harm.

To be clear, my view is that light, goodwill, peace, forgiveness and love are hallmark characteristics of the Creator, whom some call God. So when we work to improve how we live the anchor principles, we are following the example of the Creator. If we do not follow that example, we follow another.


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