Posted by: Walt Curtis | April 15, 2011

How to Act With Vengeance

Vengeance, or revenge, is the punishment a person seeks in order to “get even” with another person or persons because of the hurt or pain caused by the other’s prior actions or words. By its very nature, vengeance is a reaction. (If you seek to hurt another without cause, you are acting from enmity.)

In Anchored Living™, you resist vengeance. In other words, you choose to act, rather than react. Vengeance happens almost like the proverbial “knee-jerk reaction” and that is when it does the most damage to everyone involved. The best way to resist vengeance is to exercise forgiveness.

Resistance. Exercise. … Get it?

Speaking from the view of my current physical ‘non-fitness,’ vengeance is flabby and fat; forgiveness is fitness and strong. So I understand perfectly when people talk big about all their plans to be forgiving, and then waffle almost immediately at the first hint of someone wronging or hurting them in some way.

“It’s only natural,” and “It’s human nature,” are mere excuses for not exercising. Exercise your anchor principles, and be careful of doing so “with a vengeance.”

It may be different for you, but the best way for me to develop fitness is to have a goal in mind and a series of small steps to get me moving toward my goal. As a beginning toward principled fitness, I suggest one small step. When you feel wronged or hurt, remind yourself with a small affirmation:

       I exercise forgiveness to make my character strong.

Exercising forgiveness to resist vengeance is needed so very much in our lives, relationships, communities, associations, businesses … in our world. (In this case, resistance is definitely not futile.)

And now that you know, do what you know.


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