Posted by: Walt Curtis | April 3, 2011

Make Peace, Not War

War is the opposer of peace; and occasionally war is unavoidable. Thus the anchor principle is to avoid war.

In Anchored Living™, war is the principle behind struggle, antagonism and/or hostility between opposing parties that arises because one or more of the parties seeks to force or impose a particular end. (See Merriam Webster: war.) The imposition may be through actions, images or words, for example: physical attacks, military attacks, psychological attacks, subliminal influencing, withholding basic life needs, and laws, regulations, policies or so-called divine declarations that remove or circumvent an individual’s freedom to choose.

War in Anchored Living™ does not include warranted conflict, but may sometimes include unwarranted conflict.

War may occur between any combination of two or more parties: individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, associations, companies, corporations, institutions and governments.

War exists when all parties actively take part in the struggle, antagonism or hostility. If one or more parties do not actively take part, then the warring party(s) is attacking the non-warring party(s); it is not a war. When one or more warring parties are persistent in their attacks, war may be unavoidable.

Why all this rigamarole about defining war? Because so many parties seek to impose their will on others in so very many ways in our world (and probably in others as well). Peace fosters a variety and diversity that create beauty; war as defined here usually limits variety and diversity.

How do you avoid war then? Instead of imposing your will, be an example:
– choose light
– practice goodwill
– live in peace
– exercise forgiveness
– surrender to love



  1. Thank you for posting. Enlightening reminder to lead by example. Practice goodwill, love, forgiveness and it will come back to you.

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