Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 31, 2011

Enmity Minds

The online Merriam-Webster defines enmity as: positive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill will. Another way I sometimes describe it is that enmity amounts to one person or group of persons saying to another, “I have what you do not and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The possession may be an actual thing, such as land, wealth, a house or a toy. It may be a characteristic, such as height, weight, skin color, gender, hair color or style, competitiveness and on and on.

Whatever the focus or foci, active ill will towards others prevents cooperation and mutual accomplishment. As with the other anchor principles and their opposers, enmity is expressed through actions and words that originate from the heart and thoughts.

In Anchored Living™ the aim is to eschew enmity. I love this word, eschew. It’s definition is: to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds. Persistently resisting and avoiding ill will towards others is the best thing we can do for everyone and everything concerned.

Eschewing enmity means that we acknowledge the existence (and in some things the prevalence) of enmity and that we use goodwill to choose words and actions that will benefit the most people in the bigger picture. Once again, this is stated simply in this post. I certainly hope readers will bring up questions and specific concerns about practicing goodwill and eschewing enmity.


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