Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 21, 2011

Opposer of Light

Yesterday was this year’s vernal equinox. For some, it was a day of remembrance, for others, of celebration, anticipation and hope. It was the day that marks, for the northern hemisphere at least, the rise of the longest days of the year … the days with the most light. For the southern hemisphere, the day marks the advance of longer nights.

For Anchored Living™, it is a good time to bring up ‘opposers.’ Each of the five anchor principles has an opposite, and all but the first has an action verb … hence the nominal action form of the word, oppose. As mentioned before, the action words selected are intended to be positive.

The opposers are not absolute negatives in and of themselves. I would suggest that the anchor principles and their opposers are part of a cycle, rather than endpoints on a straight-line continuum, and that each opposer helps define an anchor principle within the Anchored Living™ context.

Darkness is the opposer to light, but it does not have an action associated with it. A couple of reasons for this: light is the medium; and darkness may be viewed as simply the absence of light. There are those who do actively oppose light with darkness, but that is currently beyond the focus of Anchored Living™. Our focus here is on positive actions; it is difficult to act with positivity in the absence of light.

These words sound simple, but they are carefully chosen. We could have volumes of discussion just about light and darkness.


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