Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 15, 2011

Loving You and Your Self

Apparently, love has been a central theme all around the world throughout time. Once upon a time, I remember hearing the funny comment that, “love is what makes the world go ‘round the world.”

We have love, chaste love, sexual love, brotherly love, selfless love, parental love, compassionate love, charitable love, god’s love and so forth. With so many different kinds of love and so many things done in the name of love, we should clarify what we are talking about when it comes to love as a principle in Anchored Living™.

Lose your self in love. Notice that ‘your’ and ‘self’ are separate words, not the single word ‘yourself.’ This is a clue that we are talking about selfless love. Love in Anchored Living™ seeks the best for everyone and everything and it requires acting beyond your self. Now this may not help much and this is certainly a topic we need to expand greatly in future posts, because this type of love necessarily begins with loving yourself and your self.

I do have one example that might help. In the 1982 television movie, entitled “The Electric Grandmother,” (based on Ray Bradbury’s short story, “I Sing the Body Electric”*), there is a line that touches on a critical characteristic of love from the Anchored Living™ point of view. Grandma is recalling her time with the children and comments, “I forget the difference between loving people and paying attention to them. There is a difference, isn’t there?” — Mm, yes … but … .

Love is an action (rather than just a thing); love implies paying attention in some manner. Loving begins with You loving Your Self by paying attention to yourself and acting for your benefit, and then radiating that love outward to others by paying attention to them and acting for their benefit.

* Click on the link and enter “Anchored Living” into the Search Listmania field to see the list of related publications.





    And that’s just three things in five minutes from Wikipedia.

    For a slightly more irreverent perspective:

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