Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 11, 2011

Peace: Maybe It’s Not What We Think

In Anchored Living™, the goal is to live in peace. The thing about goals is that they mean different specific things to different people. As Robert F. Mager says in the Preface to his book, “Goal Analysis*,” you have to know how to know one [the goal] when you see one. I would suggest that a huge part of living in peace is making and taking the time to reflect, ponder, meditate and pray before acting.

For all of my dreamer proclivity, living in peace is something that is practical and it is something that specifically involves individuals, rather than amorphously involving groups of people (teams, organizations, corporations, governments, and so forth).—Actually, ‘practical’ and ‘individual’ are words that describe each of the Anchored Living™ principles.

When we choose to live in peace, we choose understanding, diversity and cooperation. This explains why living in peace takes so much worthwhile energy and effort. We can always gain in understanding and cooperate better with the diversity of life for increased peace on all levels, first within our own lives, and then with our ever-expanding spheres of influence.

And one important thing to remember is that living in peace does not imply living without conflict. There is conflict and then there is conflict. Warranted conflict can help us understand and cooperate, and these are vital to living in peace.

* Click on the link and enter “Anchored Living” into the Search Listmania field to see the list of cited publications.


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