Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 9, 2011

Seeing the Light

As an Anchored Living™ principle, light is both a magnetic pole and a medium.

I have been thinking about what to say about light for a number of days and my thoughts on the topic are still in a bit of a swirl. This is not surprising, as people have been puzzling over light for at least thousands of years.

Understanding light is a long-term effort; we can just start where we are and go from there.

For the purposes of this blog, let’s look at light from a slightly physical and mostly spiritual perspective. For the physical perspective, the Wikipedia article on light is sufficient.

In Anchored Living™, light as a magnetic pole enables and energizes for ‘positivity.’ Here, positivity implies good results stemming from intent, thought, words, actions or some combination of these. (For now, let’s leave ‘good’ as an assumption that we will need to examine later.) As a medium, light makes everything else possible and is roughly equivalent to energy.

The action word for light is ‘choose.’ This verb links light with a specific type of intention. Bottom line:   think, speak and act with the intent to create positive results. (Not to be confused with the notion of the ends justifying the means.)

So, ‘choose light’ leads us right to the next anchor principle of goodwill.


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