Posted by: Walt Curtis | March 5, 2011

Anchors, Actions and Choices

It’s all well and good to have a lot of ‘stuff,’ including anchors. It’s what you do with them that matters, however.

We could talk about the principles in Anchored Living™ for weeks on end (and we’ll probably get around to that eventually), but I think and feel that the emphasis should be on what actions we take with them. What we make happen. What we ‘make so.’ Living is, after all, a series of actions—even when that action is resting or being still.

Now, we don’t just take random actions; almost all of our actions come from one or more choices we have made. Some of our choices may seem spur-of-the-moment, some instinctual, others well thought out. [I was reminded recently that some choices and actions come from groupthink, herd mentality, cultural expectations and unexamined assumptions.]

I would like to suggest the notion of Anchored Living™ action words that represent some of the choices we make each and every day:

– Choose light, instead of darkness.

– Practice goodwill; eschew enmity.

– Live in peace; avoid war.

– Exercise forgiveness; resist vengeance.

– Surrender to love; arrest fear.

These words are not absolute and do not include all possibilities. I’m sure we will use others, expand, change or replace some of them over time. I have tried to include the principle words, their opposites from an Anchored Living™ point of view, and positive actions (even for the opposites).

But these are mere words you are seeing. They take on breathtaking reality when they reflect our chosen actions.


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